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''One top American radio tracker who was in the audience, commented to me at the end of their set, “I was on a panel earlier today about the state of independent music; and the general consensus was there is nothing original out there, everything seems derivative. Then I come here and I see this. Put them onstage in front of anyone anywhere and this band will change the way people listen to music.”Watch out for their music on upcoming episodes of the new FX Network series, BETTER THINGS, and the new season of THE ROYALS.''
Lenny Stoute
Cashbox Magazine Canada
"Sunrise And Good People have set “electronic tribal rock” on fire with their new album Closer To The Flame.
Impacted deeply by the story of Tibetan refugees forcibly displaced by the Chinese army, the band decided to devote their music video for the single I Won’t Fall Down to the Tibetan people.
This single is about the pursuit of freedom and the resilience of spirituality. The themes are deep, about constant yet peaceful struggle, summed up by the lyrics “You will be killed by the strength of my heart.”"
Carlie Pipe
"If you caught them at last year’s NXNE, you know what we’re on about. The sound’s catchy as measles and floor-filling good."
Lenny Stoute
Cashbox Magazine
"Indeed, this constant juxtaposition of joie de vivre and lurking threat is what makes them intriguing to listen to.  Their craft is honed, each member feeding off the others.  Unmistakably, they are an act to watch in Canada."
Amber Waves
Open til midnight
"The truly tribal ‘Closer To The Flame’ was shot in Tahiti last month.  Take a look at what a wonderful life we could have if the constraints of clothing had not existed! ;) #NoPants

From what I’ve been told, the band is being closely watched by some high-level industry heads, and should be one to watch for in coming months."

Jesse Ship
"...this song takes the audience on a journey that goes beyond the expected. All in all, a band ready to take on the world!
Emergenza Magazine
"If they're good enough for the Dalai Lama, surely somebody can slap them on the cover of an alternative monthly or something."
About.com / Evelyn Reid
"Comment rencontrer le Dalaï Lama"
Scène 1425 / Nicolas Roy